Darren Gygi Prints

From kindergarten through high school, Darren’s teachers must have simply thought of him as a serious student, based on what, to them, must have appeared as constant note-taking. In truth, Darren spent most of his class time doodling in the margins and drawing in the pages of his notebooks.

darren gygi fall prints       darren gygi xmas print

After receiving his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1996, he began a career as a freelance illustrator. This rigorous endeavor became his real education as the artist created award-winning artwork for publishers, corporations, and private collectors, all within the constraints of strict deadlines.

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Over the ensuing years, Gygi developed and expanded his fine art offerings to include a wide scope of subjects, styles, and markets, ranging from commissioned, high-end, traditional portraiture to fine art figurative gallery artwork to the highest quality home decor artwork line.

Dona Bela Shreds

Dona Bela Shreds


Dona Bela SHREDS are fashion accessories designed for comfort, style and individuality. Each SHRED is unique and handmade in Des Moines, Iowa. There are thousands of color combinations to chose from and different designs that compliment all body types.


Second Nature by Hand

Somehow, the hobby we love has turned into a growing business for our family. Handmade treasures contain soul, character and a story. Our story began about 15 years ago after creating our first pieces and taking them to a local art fair. Our early years were spent at art shows where we discovered, first-hand, the excitement people felt toward our handmade work. Since those early days of working until the wee hours in our garage, we have expanded our designs and production and now offer our work to trusted retailers around the country.

Sawdust City

Sawdust City Logo

Sawdust City proudly manufactures solid rustic pine furniture and signs. Whether you’re looking for wood benches, wall shelves, kitchen hutches, mudroom storage, or decorative wall signs, they’ve got it all! Everything they make is constructed of solid knotty pine and built in their shop in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. You can be proud to own our quality handmade furniture and signs, made in America and meant to last!

The Knotty Burl

Knotty Burl LogoHome of the six-foot ruler modeled after the classic schoolhouse ruler of the past.

This design has been tweaked into a modern, sophisticated piece of home and office decor that functions as a growth chart ruler for kids as well as a home and executive office decor piece.  Created out of solid poplar, maple, and cherry wood and complete with a shiny metal edge, this ruler is sure to become a piece to be treasured for generations to come.  Made in a variety of colors and finishes, it can be customized on both the upper and lower sections. 

Lynn Gifford

My specialty is in hand made jewelry with quality beads and materials (Sterling Silver, 14k Gold Filled, and copper). New Zentangle inspired designs and watercolor paintings.I have always loved creating new things ever since I was a small child…lately, it is jewelry. Before I started making jewelry I didn’t even wear any. BUT NOW…I love to wear what I make.

I use quality materials such as Sterling Silver and 14K Gold Filled findings. I use a 49 strand Beadalon flexible beading wire on all my beaded pieces to ensure the utmost quality. (Plus virtually unkinkable). I am getting into copper lately and LOVING IT!

Elizabeth Aime

Elizabeth Aime Fictional Children's book authorElizabeth Aimé is a wife, mother, grandmother, and lifelong, passionate writer. She and her husband, married for more than fifty years, live in the Midwest. They enjoy visits from their six children and thirteen grandchildren. Her debut book was a children’s story, A Peaceful Home for Red Rock Hen.

A Peaceful Home for Red Rock HenThe Lbryinth: A Journey to True Happiness

MB Goddard Jewelry

Mary creates hand-painted, wooden bead jewelry and also wrote How Would It Feel? for her son, Alex, who has been challenged by ill health since his birth. She owns a graphic production company and lives in Wisconsin.

How Would It Feel

Jody Schieldt

Hand Painted Wine, Martini & Beer Glasses By Jodi Schieldt – Local Artist and Art Teacher at Beloit Turner High School


Mitten Madness

Deborah Schilling designs began in 2001. The projects started small and grew into a home based business seemingly overnight.Sewing was second nature to me and I had always been completely absorbed by my ability to create something from simple fabric pieces. Three generations of women had sewn in my family and I needed to utilize my sewing skills in a way that would allow me to push my creative spirit through the roof.

First a few items as gifts and then many items as rebound sales.The purchase of sweaters to repurpose began to be an addiction.  The recycling of old garments was so awesome.  The ideas just floated in my head like raging waters.  Mittens, hats, leg warmers, baby booties and children’s clothing were made.  I was making mittens like crazy.  Inspiration was everywhere I looked.A set of buttons on a vintage dress to a pair of antique earrings at a yard sale.And so the craze never ended.  I now sell over 250 pairs of mittens a year and numerous other recycled sweater garments. I am currently selling at two shop locations.

My philosophy is “share kindness”.  Every day my goal is to share kindness to as many people as possible. I strive to be grateful for every aspect of my life and live to pay it forward. A powerful gift today is the ability to change someone’s life just by doing one kind act. I share this passion for life with my friends and family. My husband Steve, my daughter Brittany, my son Stephen, my mother Teresa (meem) and my sister Botchie (Mary)..

Blessings to All


Tammy Spice Jewelry offers a great selection of unique pieces for all occasions. She takes pride in the quality of her hand made jewelry and keeps up with the latest trendy jewelry.

Tammy Spice’s unique mix of edgy design and flirty elegance is what will entice you to her jewelry. Her pieces are approachable and fun with alluring subtle and bold qualities. The collection encompasses an array of uniquely designed pieces through the use of semi-precious stone, 14k gold-filled, sterling silver, Austrian crystals, and hand picked pieces. Whether you are looking for bold statement necklaces, delicate earrings, wrap bracelets, or even the perfect wedding jewelry, Tammy Spice Jewelry has just what you are looking for.


The Perfect Statement Piece for a Casual Lunch or Night on the Town!! Made with love of Austrian Crystals, Semi-precious Stones, Czech Glass Sterling Silver and Brushed Metal. Hand designed by Tammy.

Tom Morrison


I am a creative thinker but the execution of my ideas is controlled, precise, deliberate. I will admit it, I am a perfectionist. That is why I am drawn to the stylized, precise work of the Art Deco period (1920-1939).

I was born in La Crosse, Wisconsin and raised and educated in the Badger State. I live in Mc Farland, WI with my wife Barb. I have been smitten with her for 40 years now. We have three grown children and our beloved dog, Cookie.