lizzyLizzy James jewelry is handmade in USA artisan leather wrap bracelets, unique artisan bracelet designs. Customize with leather colors, gold and silver metals and charms.



Loll-le Gaggin’ Hand Crafted Jewelry And Accessories – Bracelets, Jewelry, Customized Jewelry.



“FASHION WITH A PURPOSE” is the VISION for Good Work(s)

Since 2011, Good Work(s) Make a Difference has pledged 25% of its net profits to charitable contributions supporting in-need communities around the world.

Good Work(s) have a vision of being able to create something inspirational and positive that could transform the life of an individual and of at-risk communities. Our mission is to inspire and empower good causes by uniting individuals to achieve a common goal, we design powerful and encouraging products to strengthen every individual and we promote random act of kindness. Over time, our work grew in popularity, earning strong support and a loyal following. Good Work(s) Make a Difference is one of the fastest growing socially conscious fashion/accessories brands in the market, sold in 6,800 boutiques and stores all over the world.

Our Vision for 2017

To build elementary schools in Kenya and Tanzania.

To help support after-school programs for 28,000 underprivileged students in the United States.

To sponsor 200,000 salad bowls for The Dream Center.

Highlights of Good Work(s)…

2016   Bought water drilling rigs for Guatemala in providing 100,000 people with clean water.

Funded a playground for 106 orphans.

Provided 50,000 meals for the homeless.

2015   Gifted 400 deserving children a brand new bike to celebrate the holidays at Sweet Alice Harris and Parents of the Watts Annual Holiday Festival.

Provided meals to 31,000 homeless. Helped support 29,000 underprivileged children who attended an amazing after-school program.

Built 7 wells.

2014   Partnered with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals to help save children’s lives.

Supported Women’s conference for 400 women in Hollywood, CA.

Supported LA’s BEST, helping provide free after-school programs for K-8.

2013   Organized “Tools for School” for 10,000 kids.

Organized “Dream Prom 2013” for 40 deserving teens at Inglewood High School.

2012   117 homeless families received home essentials and supplies for their new home built by Path Ventures.

1,200 Christmas gifts given to underprivileged children.


Batucada’s exquisite collections offer jewelry, fashion accessories and table-top ware, featuring our eco-friendly and design-conscious modern material. All Batucada products are light weight and beautifully textured crafted to be a extension of your passion for organic beauty and design. The elegant theme of each design creates the opportunity to “wear your essence on the outside.” Marketed and sold in over 5 continents, Batucada’s unique range of accessories appeals to every mood and is made to suit any occasion.

Batucada’s designs are drawn from experiences in History and events in nature that conjure emotions from deep within. These timeless pieces are not subject to the whims of any particular fashion trend and don’t simply impact the way you “look” – they affect the way you “feel.”

The ease with which Batucada is worn and the way in which these accessories conform to the contours of your shape, make this product truly “people-friendly.” In addition, Batucada’s jewels on the skin are composed of fully recyclable materials that give the product its nickel-free, lead-free, latex-free and feather-light character.


Lynn Gifford Designs

My specialty is in hand made jewelry with quality beads and materials (Sterling Silver, 14k Gold Filled and copper). New Zentangle inspired designs and watercolor paintings.I have always loved creating new things ever since I was a small child…lately it is jewelry. Before I started making jewelry I didn’t even wear any. BUT NOW…I love to wear what I make.

I use quality materials such as: Sterling Silver and 14K Gold Filled findings. I use a 49 strand Beadalon flexible beading wire on all my beaded pieces to ensure the utmost quality. (Plus virtually unkinkable). I am getting into copper lately and LOVING IT!

uno de 50 logo


Timeless. Modern. Classic. Edgy.

Inspired by the World. Handcrafted in Spain.


uno de 50 leather, metal, crystal bracelet, necklace, ring


Tammy Spice Jewelry offers a great selection of unique pieces for all occasions. She takes pride in the quality of her hand made jewelry and keeps up with the latest trendy jewelry.

Tammy Spice’s unique mix of edgy design and flirty elegance is what will entice you to her jewelry. Her pieces are approachable and fun with alluring subtle and bold qualities. The collection encompasses an array of uniquely designed pieces through the use of semi-precious stone, 14k gold-filled, sterling silver, Austrian crystals, and hand picked pieces. Whether you are looking for bold statement necklaces, delicate earrings, wrap bracelets, or even the perfect wedding jewelry, Tammy Spice Jewelry has just what you are looking for.


The Perfect Statement Piece for a Casual Lunch or Night on the Town!! Made with love of Austrian Crystals, Semi-precious Stones, Czech Glass Sterling Silver and Brushed Metal. Hand designed by Tammy.

Layering bracelets was never so simple and Chic…Tammy Spice is known for her stylish wrap bracelets…For the look of many bracelets in one…With unique color stories and materials…

YOU will LOVE them ALL… Made with love of Austrian Crystals, Austrian Pearls, Semi-Precious Stones, Mother of Pearl, Czech Glass, Sterling Silver, Silver Plate or 14K filled gold. Hand designed by Tammy.

Description Standout in the Playful Lela Earrings… Made with love in the USA of Swarovski Rhinestones, Sterling silver and 14K Gold Filled.


Origin Jewelry Logo Banner

Origin Jewelry
Origin prides ourselves in working with European Jewelry Designers that produce very wearable contemporary art with a clean esthetic and a high perceived value ~ at very reasonable and fair prices
Origin began in 1996 when I started on a journey across the world in search of new, fresh jewelry designs to introduce to the American market.
Having always had a love and respect for other cultures,I returned after each trip filled with great visions of sharing my discoveries, and  named the company “Origin” as a representation of all the places and cultures jewelry design has its roots – from where it originates.
Nowadays, I find myself in the Philippines.  The 7,107 tropical islands of the Philippine Archipelago provide inspiration for the creative Local and European craftspeople who fashion beautiful jewelry out of nature’s bounty. All of our designers are inspired by this magical paradise, and create jewelry inspired by the natural materials found there.
It is very important to us at Origin Jewelry that all of our collections are made by ethical designers with ethical practices where the employees are paid a fair living wage with benefits.  We pride ourselves on having personal relationships with the people we work closely with to ensure the highest possible standards.
All Origin Jewelry is Hypoallergenic and Nickel and Lead Free ~ Made of Resin and Shell, or Resin and Silver Leaf with Tiger Tail Wire neck wires ( Stainless Steel with a thin plastic veneer ).
The metal used on the Resin jewelry is Aluminum and all ear wires are surgical steel.

Crossroads Handmade Jewelry

Crossroads was founded by Marpa Eager as a gateway to extraordinary handcrafted jewelry and accessories for retailers across the globe. Drawing on his experience in the studio and in arts administration, Marpa works closely with artisans and craftspeople internationally and close to home, developing and creating fine contemporary jewelry and accessories.

Using high-quality elements including silk, pearl, glass and semi-precious stones, Crossroads creates enduring designs in a range of great price points. Each season new collections draw on inspirations from the high profile runways to the elegance of natural forms.

Of course, our highest priority is to our customers and our evolution is also an extension of the business and personal relationships within the extended Crossroads family. Our continued thanks and appreciation for all of our friends!

About the founder:

Marpa Eager: A trained mediator, former co-director of a residential craft school, former partner of rising tide Ltd, a member of the founding team of a marketing company in New York City, Marpa lives on the North Shore of Massachusetts with his wife, three children, and two Siamese cats.


My Saint My Hero was founded on the belief that GOD IS REAL, PRAYER WORKS, and LOVE HEALS. Their pieces are wearable blessings that remind us that we are loved. They wanted My Saint My Hero to be more than a company, but a community inspired by God to help transform lives and make the world a better place. Crafted in Love and Prayer, their wearable blessings empower women through meaningful work. Their prayer is that these pieces help awaken souls to live in the presence of God and know:

saintsMy Saint My Hero Blessing Bracelets

Anne-Marie Chagnon creates original jewellery for women that distinguish themselves by their independence of spirit. The jewellery she creates indulges the desire for self-expression of the woman who chooses them.

Chiselled pewter, sheer glass, luminous resin, sumptuous 22 carat gold, lustrous copper, shimmering bronze; Anne-Marie Chagnon shapes and sculpts original and exclusive pieces, as contemporary as they are timeless.

Available on five continents, every jewellery is designed, created and crafted in our Montreal studio. From this studio that is also our head office, they assume all the stages of the compagny’s development, from conception to shipping, including marketing. After 20 years in business, they  are proud to keep the tradition of crafting jewellery of superior quality in Canada.


Designer/President at Marjorie Baer Associates

For over 30 years, Marjorie Baer has been designing modern, sculptural jewelry that appeals to a wide range of women. Each piece is hand-made in the San Francisco Bay Area from quality materials with craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Marjorie designs each piece by hand for wearability, comfort, and an eye for how it will interact with the body. She finds inspiration in the forms of the natural world, in the details of African and Asian Art, and in the sculptural balance of modern art and architecture. Her designs blend these elements into a modern and unique aesthetic that is perfect for contemporary women.

In deep gold tones, bright polished silver, and rich oxidized metals, Marjorie Baer jewelry has a unique look. Her designs are elegant, architectural, bold, and distinctive with easy balance, dramatic movement, and light-weight layers. She uses a variety of hammering techniques to manipulate the metal into different forms and to impart unique texture. Each piece is comfortable, versatile, and made to enhance the style of the wearer.

All Marjorie Baer jewelry is made sustainably and ethically in our South San Francisco studio. Marjorie works with a small group of innovative and skilled craftsmen to ensure the quality and wearability of each piece. Every item is constructed and assembled by hand with great care and attention to detail. Marjorie Baer jewelry is designed to be worn, so not only is it comfortable but it is hypoallergenic to avoid irritation even on the most sensitive skin.

Over the years, Marjorie has become well known for her distinctive modern style. Her jewelry is a staple for women who value unique and eye-catching pieces that compliment and enhance their own personal style. In addition to the wide variety of necklaces, bracelets, rings, belts and wire earrings, Marjorie continues to make fabulous and comfortable clip on earrings for women with and without pierced ears. Whether it’s a versatile go-to pair of earrings, a fun and sculptural bangle set, or a bold architectural necklace, Marjorie’s thoughtful and unique aesthetic come through.