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Splurge presents shoppers with a breathtakingly beautiful space, home decor merchandised from floor to ceiling with artwork, lighting, permanent floral designs, jewelry, candles, posters, wall art, silks, lamps, mirrors, table-top decor, cards, gifts, home accents and more. Splurge’s home decor merchandise changes almost daily and with complete change-over for each season . You will always find something you deserve at Splurge!



Primitives by Kathy

Like all great ideas, Kathy’s started with a challenge – trying to find unique products for her paint studio and retail store in Lancaster, PA.

Inspired by her desire for unique and creative items to fill her own shelves, Kathy took matters into her own hands, literally. She handmade the first “primitive candle box” in 1997. Crafting the box by hand, taking care into each detail from the sanded edges to the type of ribbon tied on the wire handles, each was a work of passion. Driven by her innate creativity and entrepreneurial spirit – the product that started it all was born.

Demand grew quickly for the growing line of handmade products, and Kathy enjoyed great success. It was then that she enlisted the help of the wonderful people at Goodwill Services to aid in fulfilling the increasing demand. It was at this moment that one of the most valuable philanthropic partnerships was formed and still exists to this day.