I paint because I want to share LIGHT. I want to share my lessons. I want to reach other women who are going through similar things that I have gone through. I want to offer HOPE. I want to show you that it won’t last forever. I want to remind you of your STRENGTH. I want you to see that you have CHOICES, that you can LEARN and GROW from your experiences. I want to show you that you can choose NOT to shut down and become cold and bitter and hardened. The great fight is NOT against the person who has hurt you so deeply, the great fight is to stay OPEN, to stay HONEST, to stay TRUE and KIND. That is why I paint. My heart is so happy you are here. XO, Erica


Kelly Rae Roberts – Let ART out, let LOVE in

Kelly Rae Roberts is a highly successful mixed-media artist, author, and a self-described “possibilitarian.” Her lighthearted and engaging art inspires many fans who have discovered her through her stationery, gift, and home décor products. She mentors thousands of artists through her popular blog and e-courses and remains committed to encouraging others to find their passion.


I am a creative thinker but the execution of my ideas is controlled, precise, deliberate. I will admit it, I am a perfectionist. That is why I am drawn to the stylized, precise work of the Art Deco period (1920-1939).

I was born in La Crosse, Wisconsin and raised and educated in the Badger State. I live in Mc Farland, WI with my wife Barb. I have been smitten with her for 40 years now. We have three grown children and our beloved dog, Cookie.

Elizabeth Aime Fictional Children's book authorElizabeth Aimé is a wife, mother, grandmother, and lifelong, passionate writer. She and her husband, married for more than fifty years, live in the Midwest. They enjoy visits from their six children and thirteen grandchildren. Her debut book was a children’s story, A Peaceful Home for Red Rock Hen.