Luminara: Real Flame Effect Candles

Create instant ambiance. Luminara candles are sophisticated real flame-effect candles that deliver more of everything you love about candles with the added benefits of safety and convenience. Use the optional remote to turn on a candle across the room or high on the mantel. Or set the built-in self-timer and let Luminara candles welcome you home at the appointed hour.

Walton Wood Farm Bath & Body Products

Peter and Leslie Scott run a farm forward operation, supplementing cash crops by creating products that fit outside the traditional agricultural envelope. A large portion of the proceeds from product sales goes to restore their Circa 1850 barns. “Once we save ours, we are going to help save other barns across North America. They are rapidly disappearing and changing our landscape forever,” says Peter. “Farms don’t even look like farms anymore, with all the plastic hoop buildings popping up and replacing those hand-hewn architectural Icons.”

Walton Wood products are 100% North American made, with the majority of parts coming from the USA, and the labor Canadian. “I was born in Canada, but raised in both Canada and the USA. It’s a dream to support both of the countries that have provided a wonderful life for me and my family,” says Leslie, who is also a Veteran of the United States Coast Guard.

With Peter’s 40 years’ farming and business experience, and Leslie’s award-winning writing skills, Walton Wood Farm is ever expanding their portfolio of fun and funky gift products. They specialize in eye-catching packaging, and entertaining copywriting that address real life issues and events with a fresh and unexpected approach. They are committed to making products with high quality, sustainable ingredients and helping to protect both our history and environment for future generations.

Natural Skin Care from SallyeAnder

Our Story

In 1982, Gary Austin hand-made an olive oil Castile soap for his two-year-old son, Aaron, who was allergic to grocery-aisle-soap. After realizing that there was a community of people with sensitive skin who would benefit from Gary’s soap, SallyeAnder and the commitment to creating the best soap in America was born.

Since then, every product decision has been made with one intention: delivering the highest quality, all-natural skincare solutions to our customers. How do we do that? By foregoing the use of artificial chemicals and synthetic ingredients, and instead, using edible ingredients and essential oils.

We were on the vanguard of formulating products in an environmentally-conscious manner, and even as our company continues to grow, we remain a small team of artisans that craft, package, and ship all of our products by hand. Since that first olive oil Castile soap in 1982, we’ve been dedicated to helping people, and we see no reason to change.

Essentials Soaps, Shave and Shampoo Bars, Gardener’s Hand, Heavy Duty Hand Therapy, Deodorant Stones, Lip Balm, No-Bite-Me. Plus KRUDD body, shave and shampoo.


Ladybug Blessings Natural Bath Products

Ladybug Blessings started when we became passionate about natural bath products after years (over three decades!) of battling various dry itchy skin conditions. I was stunned to go from using several bottles of lotions per month to barely three a year just by getting the chemicals out of my bath products and choosing those made with rich natural oils and butters.

From the heart of the Kentucky Bluegrass Ladybug Blessings  has passionately pursued handcrafting the finest in a natural bath and body of over 17 years since 1999. We have carefully crafted every product with luxurious natural oils and skin loving butters  to refresh, moisturize, and rejuvenate your skin.

Swan Creek Candles

Swan Creek Candle Co Logo

The Swan Creek Candle Company has been making highly sought after soy candles with lead Swan Creek Ruffled Pottery Collectionfree wicks for many years. The exceptional quality of their signature American soybean wax ensures a clean burning candle that will fill your home with fragrance. Swan Creek Candle specializes in kitchen scents like gingerbread and warm cinnamon buns as well as sensational floral and herbals along with many unique combinations such Bourbon Maple Sugar.

Over the past few years Swan Creek candle has developed a beautiful Swan Creek Drizzle Meltsproduct called the Drizzle Melt. The Drizzle Melt is a wax melt that has become wildly popular because of their great scents and the way they fill a room with fragrance. Swan Creek Candle’s 24 Oz Kitchen Pantry Jar will burn up to 150 hours.

Finley Grace Candles

My name is Finley Grace Murphy but everyone calls me Finny. I was born on August 6, 2005 with something called “Cri du Chat” syndrome, 5P Minus for short. The doctors say it’s a rare and incurable genetic deficiency, but I think it makes me special. It’s just going to take me longer to do things that are easy for my little brother, Mack. Like talking, feeding myself, or running in circles.I love school, playing with my friends, and physical therapy – especially swimming with my water wings. But my favorite thing to do is visiting my Grandpa Bill and Grammy in Galena. Grandpa takes me for ice cream, long boat rides, and he plays with me and Mack all day long. I just wish he wouldn’t get tired so early.

I was very excited to start walking a few weeks ago just in time for my graduation from preschool. Everyone was so proud of me and, of course, I love the attention that comes with being a special little girl.


Poo ~ Pourri® Before You Go Toilet Spray

I confess. I’m obsessed with all things natural!

I expect a lot out of the products I choose to bring into my home. Fed up with the lack of natural bathroom odor solutions, I decided to get off my hiney and do something about it! Combining my knowledge of essential oils and entrepreneurial passion, I formulated Poo~Pourri as the first natural, truly effective solution to a universal problem: poop happens, and it stinks! Poo~Pourri transforms your bathroom experience (and those who come in after you) by stopping bathroom odor before it begins…seriously!

And let’s be honest: everybody does it, it’s only natural! All around us, people are increasingly breaking free from conformity and convention, yet we still allow silly taboos like bathroom odor to hold us back. Poo~Pourri changes that. Poo~Pourri shows how one effortless shift in your routine and mindset can create a positive transformation. Poo~Pourri liberates you from toxic thoughts and ingredients, and inspires you to confidently own your throne! Besides, you’ve got more important crap to worry about!

It’s amazing what a little fresh thinking and a lot of hard work can do…

It’s time to take a shift!