Elizabeth Aimé

Elizabeth Aime Fictional Children's book authorElizabeth Aimé is a wife, mother, grandmother, and lifelong, passionate writer. She and her husband, married for more than fifty years, live in the Midwest. They enjoy visits from their six children and thirteen grandchildren. Her debut book was a children’s story, A Peaceful Home for Red Rock Hen. Her new book The Labyrinth: a Journey to True Happiness will give you clues to help determine your life’s vocation, and show you how it can change throughout your lifespan.

A Peaceful Home for Red Rock Hen    The Lbryinth: A Journey to True Happiness

Mary Beth Goddard

Mary Beth Goddard wrote How Would It Feel? for her son, Alex, who has been challenged by ill health since his birth. She owns a graphic production company and lives in Wisconsin.

How Would It Feel